About Us

Clarity is a modular wealth management solutions provider for Banking, Bookkeeping, Single Payment Interface, Governance and Treasury Management.

About Us


BankClarity employees 9 permanent members of staff in the UK and 3 in the Channel Islands.

Our patented technology can integrate with your in-house systems or it can stand alone to allow your business to run effectively and efficiently. Our technology is one of the premier FinTech and RegTech solutions which delivers Straight Through Processing (STP) and are being used across multiple jurisdictions by clients ranging from international banks to small family owned organisations.

Tried and Tested

✔ Our out-of-the-box solution delivers a 45-55% banking operational efficiency improvement

✔ Over £9.9bn assets under management per annum (converted to GBP)

✔ Over 1,925,582 transactions imported annually and constantly increasing

✔ Over 77,115 payments processed annually and constantly increasing

✔ Over 90,000 tasks generated per annum and increasing

✔ Over 88% of automated bookkeeping

✔ Over 83% automated transaction monitoring

✔ 85% of payments processed via SWIFT, SFTP or other electronic method

Our Values

We are customer-centric, collaborating and partnering with clients to provide evolving cutting edge solutions which are delivered promptly without additional costs. When you collaborate with BankClarity we look at the long term objectives and not just the short term goals.

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