Family Office

Family offices can be complicated and time consuming to run. You need to keep track of your assets in an efficient, effective manner. With BankClarity's straight through processing system you can record all your investments in one place and accurately value your portfolio at the touch of a button. Whilst using BankClarity’s Banking, Bookkeeping and Payment modules you can look after all assets in an efficient manner.


Multiple Assets

Your client may own a number of different assets ranging from private jets, yachts and property each worth different values. Without a straight through processing system you have to manually record the value of each of these assets into multiple spreadsheets taking into account currency and current value.

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Without a straight through processing system you will spend large amounts of time manually inputting and reconciling bank statements. 

Logging into to multiple banking platforms to extract data from client’s transactions costs time and money. This information is either manually printed as individual bank statements and/or entered into an accounts package or spreadsheets which exposes your business to human error.

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Online banking is the standard method companies use to make payments. However, most businesses use more than one banking platform. This means that when it comes to making payments you will have multiple security devices to access your accounts.

Payments carry a large amount of paper, from the instruction type to invoice back up to authorisation, it becomes an extremely time consuming process, particularly when you have tiered levels of authorisation requirements. Deadlines can be missed and payments can be delayed. Manually inputting each payment into multiple templates makes this process even longer.

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Multiple Currencies

Assets can be bought from all over the globe which means they are bought and sold in different currencies. Each asset has to be recorded with its current value and converted at the right exchange rate. Without a straight through processing system you will have to manually calculate the value of each asset making sure you use the correct exchange rate.

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You need a straight through processing system


  • One platform
  • Records all your assets in once place
  • Automatically calculates foreign exchange
  • Provides up to date valuations
  • Removes human error
  • Saves you time
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