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The success of any business is dependant on how efficient it is.

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The success of any business is dependant on how efficient it is. Your business will rely heavily on man power and processes. It is vital that each process is carried out effectively and accurately. How can you ensure this happens? How can you minimise human error and conserve time?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a system that saved time, money and guaranteed your processes were followed and implemented seamlessly?

BankClarity’s process management system is based on a modular approach. This means that you can integrate the relevant module into your business, whether you need to streamline your payment processes or your Governance records. Alternatively, if required, we can implement the entire package to help your business run smoothly and effectively. Helping to reduce overall running costs and man hours to your organisation.

Multiple Assets

Multiple Currencies


Asset Management

Keeping track and calculating client’s assets can be time consuming and open to human error. With BankClarity's Asset Management system, you can log each of your client’s assets in specific categories and value your portfolio at the click of a button. Your system can be programmed to ensure that your business adheres to requirements concerning property purchases. The system factors in foreign exchange meaning your valuations are up to date and accurate.

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Bookkeeping is an integral process for any business. Understanding your income and expenditure is imperative to the success of any business. However, it can be extremely time consuming and open to human error. With BankClarity’s straight through processing system bookkeeping is made simple, easy and time efficient.

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Time Consuming Processes

Manual Processing

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Multiple Assets



Multiple Currencies

Family Office

Family offices can be complicated and time consuming to run. You need to keep track of your assets in an efficient, effective manner. With BankClarity's straight through processing system you can record all your investments in one place and accurately value your portfolio at the touch of a button. Whilst using BankClarity’s Banking, Bookkeeping and Payment modules you can look after all assets in an efficient manner.

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With ever changing rules and regulations within the finance industry, it’s imperative your business stays up to date with the latest requirements. BankClarity’s process management system stores all your governance information in one place. It will notify you when changes to registers have been made and will let you know when filings are due. Each process will automatically produce tasks so you can manage your workload effectively and efficiently.

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Ever Changing Requirements

Task Manager

Multiple Banking Platforms

Manual Inputting

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Making payments can be one of the most expensive areas within your business. Streamlining your payment process can reduce business costs by 40%. BankClarity’s patented technology can automate the whole process to minimise human error and reduce overall manpower costs, whilst enhancing regulatory standards. As an approved SWIFT vendor, BankClarity can manage all your payments in one single system.

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Treasury FX

Your Treasury desk is the hub of your business. Responsible for the flow of cash throughout the business and bidding on competitive exchange rates ensures that your clients are receiving the best value for money. However, understanding pooled accounts and manually calculating rates of return is a time consuming process where mistakes can easily be made. BankClarity's straight through processing system can relieve your business from these risks, by allowing you to deal with one platform and automated calculations.

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Multiple Pooled Accounts

Foreign Exchange

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